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IRS Liability




Have your salary been targeted by the IRS and your paycheck is garnished? We can help and stop it fast! IRS Liens can demolish your credit and borrowing capacity. We can help and get it released fast! Bank account levy can be released only within 21 days of the levy notice. After that period of time your money are sent to the IRS. Act fast and call us today to release your bank levy!

What is wage garnishment

Wage garnishment is used by the IRS to collect taxes owed by withholding portions of your paycheck received from your employer. Once a garnishment is filed, the employer is required by law to collect a percentage of each paycheck and remit it to the IRS or to the State. IRS wage levy or garnishments stay in effect until the tax is fully paid or until the IRS or the State agrees to release the garnishment. When wages are garnished, or "attached," money is deducted from the debtor's paycheck and sent to the IRS. This form of debt collection is most often seen in delinquent tax problems and back-owed child support. Unfortunately, many consumers bury their heads in the sand when the notices start coming in. They are usually overwhelmed by aggressive creditors, and by ignoring the situation, the consumer is faced with garnishment and limited alternatives against IRS collection actions. The smart consumer will reach out to a tax resolution specialist for help before he sinks too deeply into a financial hole. Judgments and garnishments can often be avoided if the tax problems are addressed early on.

Resolve your tax problems now

Our tax professionals understand how important a regular paycheck is to "real people" and their families. And our experienced team of tax representatives can fight for your wage garnishment release. Don't wait, take the first step now! Ask us about other tax services we provide.

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